Best we could

Just a few months ago, a dear GWN mentee whom I had met when I first started the program, she passed away. Mona was one of the sweetest and welcoming individuals I came to know but sadly didn’t keep in touch.  Her unfortunate passing made me very sad. I took the time to remind myself […]


Every step so far feels like a struggle and then the feeling of uncertainty just throws it completely off. Fear is pretty strong right now. But I’ve already made so much effort to get past it. There’s so much I need to accomplish that it’s becoming daunting. There’s always the thought, I could’ve made it […]

Not enough

To some point I feel delusional that I can get past this deep bold boundary to the other side. I really don’t care about competition but it’s still matters to compare. I just don’t feel enough. There’s been more instances of, “maybe I really am not cut for this”, “this is so difficult “, and […]

Follow up on coconut oil

So, after two days of suffering from oily looking hair and finally washing all of that away…my hair actually appears to be shinier and smoother to me without looking like a grease ball. 😍 The shine makes my hair look stronger! 


I’m a fan of Korean food! I love being able to learn to make it through Maangchi’s website. She does a great job using different media to teach you how to do it. What I made probably don’t taste exactly because I didn’t measure all the ingredients. 😁😜 

Xi’an Famous Food

Super delicious flavorful tender beef ! But everything else wasn’t all that great. Soup was not very spicy or flavorful. I don’t really enjoy this kind of noodles either. 😁 I tried their buns with meat before. It’s so good! All the price hike in many places sadly 😦