Beginning & Ending 

A new Phoenix rises from dust and is reborn. Can relationship do the same? 

End of a new beginning and the beginning of an end. Some things just come as a surprise. 

Best we could

Just a few months ago, a dear GWN mentee whom I had met when I first started the program, she passed away. Mona was one of the sweetest and welcoming individuals I came to know but sadly didn’t keep in touch.  Her unfortunate passing made me very sad. I took the time to remind myself of how much more I need to spend time with people I love. I find love and comfort in being with my mom, second sister and my best friends Viky and Carmen. I cherish the time I have with my second sister. Our relationship has transformed over the years and continue to become stronger. I really appreciate it. In the memory of all the dear and young people I knew who passed away, I remind myself to appreciate my relationships even more and to push on ahead when there are difficulties in life. Life is short and fragile. I hope wherever they are, they have peace.