When love is not enough

I don’t think I would have understood it as a child. Some things in life still can’t be fixed with love even though many would argue that it’s the most powerful thing in the world. But why is it that money runs the world ? 

Dream chasing is tiring. 

Almost perfect 

It was again another beautiful night by the water. I felt better after getting in some cardio workout. It’s really true that everyone on Facebook is pretty much getting married ; those of us of the same age of course. I feel that I have the perfect relationship with my perfect special someone but unfortunately we’re both stuck in our stage of trying to become financially independent. So we can’t move forward. For me, it’s rather difficult to describe what holds me back. It’s more complicated than it seems. Even if I want to leave home to find work else where, I risk not having a home to go back to and for the same reason my parents wouldn’t let me leave. It’s still quite difficult to find work as well. :/ Sighs. What does it take to be on my own?