Small detour

Just a few days ago, I decided to take the Z train for the first time ever since high school to get to my destination. It was weird Bc it is such an empty train and the old style of it. I went through the Fulton center to get to it. Haven’t really been inside the new building so I took a snap shot of it. 🙂 Very cool ceiling glass. 

I came across this really neat building at canal street the other day. I feel like the painting on the wall has changed a few times now. It’s really pretty. 

It was also around this time around that I decided to be kind and gave a homeless man a banana I had and also got him two bottles of blue gatorade b/c it was near dangerously hot temperature. What I got out of it was asked to speak to him for a bit while he was partially high on something he was smoking and weirded out by things he said to me along the line of marrying him and wanted me to shake his hands. I think I was more uncomfortable with the way he looked at me up and down. Towards the end he asked me to come by and see him every now and then. 

I like to help but I don’t like to stop and talk. 

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