Korean food

After receiving vicky’s text about kimchi, I started scrolling through Maangchi’s website and her recipe for kimchi and kimbap. I really want some this coming week. 😫😛 We’re gonna head to ktown after my exam which I hope I do well on….

All the zzz in the world. 

I need: sleep, sleep and more sleep. I have almost survived a long and full week in almost 3 days including tomorrow. It’s exhausting to be a good care taker and run your life. It felt so separate before but now it seems like that’s what many people had lived. I was fortunate not to have any of this for a long time. Sometimes you need alone time. Right now I’m having some. We’re all not equipped to handle another’s distress and every need. I try and try to be as kind as I can but still get snappy when sleepless. 😦 When will fortune turn around for him?